Toni Morrison

During lockdown I found myself with some time to use. I decided to start on a project I had been hoping to be able to work on for years. The idea was to imagine a room full of great women, and then to start sculpting them one by one, adding to the collection as time permitted. It was to be my imaginary party, where I could look into history and bring anyone I wanted into my room.

I started with the woman who spoke so wisely about the needs of a woman being simple, but not easy to have- £500 a year and a room of one’s own. Virginia Woolf was the first to come into my room. Toni Morrison has now followed, and next comes Hannah Arendt. Watch this space, follow me and – slowly – the group will emerge.

By Deirdre Nicholls

Scots/Irish artist, born in Edinburgh & trained in Sculpture and Printmaking at Liverpool and Winchester Schools of Art in the 1970’s. Specialising in portrait sculpture, Deirdre has work in public and private collections in the UK and US.

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