Poll Dorset Sheep Sculpture Project

My love of sheep goes way back to childhood in rural Scotland. The Scottish Border country is very much sheep country and I have always loved these quiet peaceful creatures.

Clay model in the studio

Currently I’m working on a piece for a sculpture show in May, which consists of three bronze sheep at 1/3 life size. The breed is Poll Dorset, a hornless sheep. I came across them while living in Dorset and really love their sweet friendly faces.

Sheep now cast in wax, ready for the next stage…

The stage of work is that I have made the clay model, and this has now been cast in wax. The next stage is this will be set up with sprues, runners and risers in wax, then dipped in china clay. The pieces will then be placed in a kiln and the wax burned out, ready for the bronze to be poured into the remaining china clay cavity.

Categorized as Artworks

By Deirdre Nicholls

Scots/Irish artist, born in Edinburgh & trained in Sculpture and Printmaking at Liverpool and Winchester Schools of Art in the 1970’s. Specialising in portrait sculpture, Deirdre has work in public and private collections in the UK and US.

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