Toni Morrison

Making a portrait of Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison was an inspiration to so many people. I wanted to commemorate her in the only way I know how. Making this portrait in 2020-2021 led me to discover so much about her work and her life. I hope that seeing it makes you want to know more about her, to read her works and to listen to her talks. If that happens, then my work is done well, and I have done her some justice.

Toni Morrison -work in progress

Left view of the clay model

Eye Detail
Toni Morrison

This close-up image shows the skin texture as I work to complete the portrait in clay

The eye of the writer…
Toni Morrison

Close-up image showing the clay modelling around the eye

Toni Morrison
The finished clay model

After several months of work, the clay model is finished and ready for me to make the plaster mould and start the casting process.

Toni Morrison, clay model

Right view of the clay model nearing completion

Toni Morrison – clay model, detail
Toni Morrison

Close-up detail of the clay model from the front

Toni Morrison’s magnificent hair
Toni Morrison

Toni had a wonderful mane of hair, usually worn swept back from her face in cascading dreadlocks.

Toni Morrison, side detail

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