Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf, Eyes detail
A portrait of Virginia Woolf

Using descriptions, photographs, paintings and drawings of Virginia, I was able to recreate a 3-D sculpture which I hope gives some idea of her wit, wisdom, vulnerability and strengths.

Virginia Woolf: work in progress
A portrait of Virginia Woolf
Seeing and Perception

Some notes on the difference between seeing and perception when working on a portrait

Virginia Woolf, work in progress…
The completed clay model of Virginia Woolf


Starting from roughing out the clay on an armature in my Warwickshire studio, this series of images and short film clips follows the progress up to the casting in plaster

Virginia Woolf: roughing out the clay
Working on the hair…

Working on the wonderful mass of hair that Virginia had was quite a challenge…

Virginia Woolf, work in progress…

These stills show the right and left views of the clay model as it comes towards completion

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