On the move….

It is time now to return home. Return home to Scotland. To do this, I need to move my studio and its contents; not an easy thing for a sculptor. But I have found a beautiful space in a beautiful place. Ettrickbridge. Look it up. Better still, make the trip. One of the loveliest valleys, where two sweet rivers, the Ettrick and the Yarrow, drain the ancient countryside. Once an ancient Caledonian forest full of oak, and hazel and birch, and a busy spot for hunting in the time of David the first – early 12th century. Now it is sheep country, and the last sovereign to visit was Mary, Queen of Scots.

By Deirdre Nicholls

Scots/Irish artist, born in Edinburgh & trained in Sculpture and Printmaking at Liverpool and Winchester Schools of Art in the 1970’s. Specialising in portrait sculpture, Deirdre has work in public and private collections in the UK and US.

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